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Hospital and Foundation Board Members
Lakes Regional Healthcare is led by a publicly elected seven-member Board of Trustees and an Advisory Board. The individuals that make up these boards are listed below.

Board of Trustees

Denny Perry, Chairperson
Kris Walker, Vice-Chairperson
Steve Feld, Secretary/Treasurer
Mary Kay Bates
Jeremy Bolluyt
Deb Goetzinger
Dan Sedlacek

Advisory Board
Willy Moeller
Chris Quance

Lakes Regional Healthcare Foundation is led by a nine-member Board of Directors. The individuals that make up this board are listed below.

Lakes Regional Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors

Brian Sohn, President
Russ Beckendorf, Vice-President
Kristina Gigstad, Treasurer
Mary Brevik, Secretary
John Adams, Sr.
Mary Kay Bates
Kathy Fahy
Judy Haviland
Debbie Johnson

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