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Cardiac Rehabilitation
Designed to aid those recovering from a heart attack, open heart surgery, suffering from other cardiac conditions or at high risk for cardiac problems, Lakes Regional Healthcare's comprehensive twelve-week Cardiac Rehabilitation program improves the patientís quality of life by strengthening their cardiovascular system.

Lakes Regional Healthcare's cardiac rehabilitation program has three phases. The first phase is done during hospitalization and begins educating the patient about their illness and how cardiac rehabilitation will help them recover. A small amount of exercise is done during the first phase. The second phase is done as an outpatient in the hospitalís Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit, and focuses on closely monitored exercise and education. Patients are placed on telemetry equipment while they exercise, which monitors the patientís heart rate and rhythm to determine how exercise affects their heart. The final phase also has a focus on exercise, but also of building the patientís confidence in their heartís ability to endure exercise. Patients are taken off telemetry, but are still closely monitored with supervision.

Lakes Regional Healthcare utilizes treadmills, recumbent steppers, and stationary bicycles in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit. The average cardiac rehabilitation patient participates in 18 to 36 sessions. Physician referrals are necessary to participate in the program.

For More Information
For more information on Lakes Regional Healthcare's Cardiac Rehabilitation program, please call 712-336-8647.
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