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Lymphedema Therapy
Lymphedema therapy services at Lakes Regional Healthcare allow area lymphedema patients to control the pain and discomfort they experience with the condition.

Lymphedema, or swelling caused by the accumulation of lymph fluid, usually occurs in an extremity, but can also occur in the face, neck, abdomen, and lungs. The condition most often causes a feeling of heaviness, slight discomfort, cosmetic deformity, repeated episodes of infection, and at times a feeling of “bursting pain.” Severe cases are associated with thickening of the skin, hardening of a limb, lymph leakage, and massive swelling.

Treatment can delay or even prevent its progression to a more severe stage. Lakes Regional Healthcare provides therapies that consist of manual lymph drainage, compression therapy, remedial exercises, and skin care treatments.

A physician’s referral is necessary to receive lymphedema therapy.

For More Information
To learn more about Lakes Regional Healthcare's lymphedema therapy services, please call the hospital at 712-336-8651.
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