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CT Scan
Computed tomography, more commonly known as CT or CAT scanning, is the process of making an x-ray image of a very small section of the body. During CT scanning, an x-ray beam passes through the body and is recorded by electronic detectors. These detectors send the information to a computer where it is translated into an image that a radiologist can study. In addition, a CT exam enables the radiologist to see minute structures and potential problem areas to provide accurate diagnosis.

Lakes Regional Healthcare's CT scanner is one of the most technologically advanced CT scanners in the industry. Procedures that used to take two hours total now take a total of 30 minutes due to the fact that the hospital’s scanner features spiral scanning, which allows the tube to move around the table constantly instead of in increments.

Larger patients are better able to utilize Lakes Regional Hospital’s scanner due to the large opening and long table. In fact, the table on the CT scanner is the longest in the industry. The table also lowers so patients can get on and off easily, which is a convenience particularly for children, wheelchair patients, and elderly patients. In addition, the scanner allows for patients to go in “feet first” for most scans so their head can remain outside of the opening, which is a plus for claustrophobic patients.

Lakes Regional Healthcare's CT scanner has an angiography feature, which visualizes vessels, benefiting patients by reducing the need to undergo invasive studies. Very clear 3-dimensional images of the vessels can be visualized utilizing the CT angiography.

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