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MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is used to detect structural or functional abnormalities throughout the body, including the joints, blood vessels, brain, and heart. Unlike CT scans, MRI does not use radiation in the conventional sense of the word. Instead it combines the use of a large magnet and radio waves. Hydrogen atoms in the patient’s body react to the MRI’s magnetic field, and a computer analyzes the results and makes pictures of the inside of the body.

Lakes Regional Healthcare offers fixed MRI services, which allows patients to receive MRI services 24 hours each day, seven days a week.

The hospital’s MRI is a wide-bore MRI, which means it has a larger opening and a shorter tunnel than other MRIs. Lakes Regional Healthcare is currently the only healthcare provider in northwest Iowa to have a wide-bore MRI that offers the best possible patient experience while allowing for a high magnet strength, hence the clearest image.

Lakes Regional Healthcare's MRI offers several benefits, such as:
• Quicker exam times
• Caters to larger or claustrophobic patients with the larger opening and shorter tunnel compared to other MRIs on the market and in the region
• More exams performed by the patient going in feet first instead of head first
• Sound dampening system along with the ability for the patient to listen to his/her own music during the exam

The hospital's MRI has a 1.5 Tesla magnet, which is the highest magnet strength currently available in the market, and higher than any other MRI in this area. This magnet strength directly affects the image quality, allowing technologists and radiologists to see even more clearly what functional or structural abnormalities a patient may have.

For more information on MRI services available at Lakes Regional Healthcare, please call 712-336-8658.

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