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Lakes Regional Healthcare utilizes the most precise DEXA Scanner currently on the market to provide bone density exams to patients. Bone density exams help detect if a person is at risk for having osteoporosis, which is a gradual thinning and weakening of bones that leads to bone fractures.

Bone density measures the amount of bone mineral density by using small amounts of x-ray to produce images of the spine, hip, or even the whole body.

Results of a bone density exam can help doctors detect and treat osteoporosis by comparing bone density to that of a "young adult" at peak bone strength, also known as a T-score. The T-score, combined with other risk factors, helps estimate the risk of hip fracture or other major osteoporosis-related fractures, and what actions to take to prevent further bone loss and possible fractures.

A bone density exam is painless, and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. You sit on a large padded table. You name, age, height, weight, and ethnicity is entered into a computer to compare your results to a normal reference group. Then you lie on your back, stay in your normal clothing in most cases, except with metal or thick plastic buttons removed from the area being examined. Your arms and legs are positioned for the test and you just lie still and breathe normally.

Call Lakes Regional Healthcare's Imaging Services department at 712-336-8658 or click on this link for Bone Density Testing information.

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