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Services Available
Comprehensive sports medicine services available include:

Injury/Illness Prevention and Wellness Protection
- Baseline assessments for each student-athlete
- Offer advice on prophylactic and protective equipment and other custom devices for student-athletes to use to minimize the risk of injury or re-injury
- Nutrition Advice for Peak Performance
o Dietary needs related to the amount and type of activity being performed
o Importance of fluid and electrolyte balance in the prevention of heat illness
o Differences in the role of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, fluids, and electrolytes in the diet of an athlete
o Identify and explain illnesses attributed to poor nutrition
o Nutrition tips prior to, during, and after physical activity
o Performance enhancing substances and improper dietary habits
o Weight loss/gain, weight control methods, and strategies for performance enhancement

Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis
- Complimentary new injury evaluations all year long
- Sports injury clinic for school-related athletes with new injuries on Saturdays at 9 am sharp during football season at LRH's Rehab Department (just inside the hospital's south entrance). Complimentary new injury evaluations are available throughout the rest of the year by appointment.
- Assess student-athletes for potential injuries/illnesses or risk factors that would increase their risk of injury/illness. Screening procedures may include musculoskeletal flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, postural and ergonomic, and body composition assessments.
- Create a treatment plan based on the findings of the initial examination, subsequent examinations and the needs of the student-athlete that assists with functional recovery

Treatment and Rehabilitation
- Manual therapy (i.e. massage, joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, etc)
- Techniques to restore range of motion and muscle extensibility
- Exercises to improve strength, endurance, speed, and power
- Activities to improve balance, neuromuscular control and coordination
- Agility training
- Exercises to improve cardio-respiratory fitness
- Sports specific and/or functional exercises
- Various modalities such as thermal agents (hot pack, cold pack), electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, and biofeedback
- Recommend, fit and apply braces, splints and assistive devices to facilitate recovery
- Education in self-treatment and about the condition and its expected course

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