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Home Care Services
Some of the services offered by Lakes Regional Home Care are listed below. We welcome questions about other services provided. Please call us at 712-338-9998 at any time.

Infusion (IV) Therapy, Medication and Rehabilitation Education
Lakes Regional Home Care staff give numerous medications through infusion therapy services, and of equal importance is the great deal of the time that is spent educating patients about medications and rehabilitative efforts. Our patients learn why certain medications are necessary, how they help them manage or recover from illness or injury, how they may interact with other medications, and how those interactions may affect their health. In addition, rehabilitation education helps patients regain control of their life and reach an optimal level of independence.

Dietary Consultations
Diet plays an important part of overall health. Patients receiving care at Lakes Regional Home Care are educated by a dietitian about what kind of diet is best nutritionally depending on the specific illness or injury. Recommendations are also provided regarding meals that are fast and easy to make considering possible physical limitations of the illness or injury.

Bathing, Dressing Changes, and Personal Grooming
Oftentimes after an illness or injury, routine activities such as bathing and dressing are difficult and daunting tasks. Lakes Regional Home Care assists patients with these tasks in addition to educating them about how to regain their ability to perform these activities independently.

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy
Lakes Regional Home Care works daily with physical and speech therapists who help patients recover from illness and injury. In addition, occupational therapists educate patients about changes they can make in their daily life and living environment to live independently with minimal pain and effort.

For More Information
For more information on Lakes Regional Home Care, please call 712-338-9998 at any time.

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