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Continuum of Care
Lakes Regional Home Care is unlike other home care agencies, in that we truly offer a continuum of care. For over 40 years, Lakes Regional Healthcare has been caring for patients of all ages and health care needs. Through our home care division we continue to have our patientsí and their health care interests at heart. As a division of Lakes Regional Healthcare, we have daily involvement with the medical professionals who care for our patients each day. With Lakes Regional Home Care, patients are assured of receiving the best and most appropriate care for their medical history and specific illness or injury.

Consistency of Caregiver
Lakes Regional Home Care is proud to offer consistency of caregiver. The team we assign to care for each patient is consistent, with additional therapists assigned as needed. This means that our patients receive higher quality care, as the caregiver better understands how the patientís health changes. Patients are not burdened with explaining what their health was like at the last visit, nor must they repeat instructions on where their caregiver can find supplies in the home or on what patients expect from them at each visit. Patients may also develop a more meaningful relationship with their caregiver since the same person visits each time. We do this because we are firmly dedicated to providing excellence in health care.

For More Information
For more information on Lakes Regional Home Care, please call 712-338-9998 at any time.

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